COVID-19 Update

August 4, 2020

Dear Residents and POA of Dunklau Gardens,

We finally have some good news for residents who have been in self-quarantine for the past 14 days, have had NO signs or symptoms of the COVID-19 infection during that period and have tested negative for the second time last week: 

DG 3:

DG 300 rooms 300-305 and 314-327 will be returned to the GREEN ZONE on Tuesday, August 4th. DG rooms 306-313 will remain in the GREEN ZONE, making all of DG 300 a GREEN ZONE at the present time. 

DG 2:

We are retesting some of the DG 200 residents that have consented to COVID-19 testing and more than 20 staff members. Again, we are required to test weekly until two consecutive negative tests are received when we have residents in the YELLOW ZONE. Retesting will include residents from DG rooms 208-224 who have consented. Testing of residents will be done in the North Courtyard of Dunklau Gardens. We will continue to utilize previous consent for this COVID-19 testing unless we are notified that you, as the resident or via the POA, no longer wish to participate. We strongly encourage that everyone participates to ensure we are capturing any other positives that might be in the facility–however, we will respect each resident’s decision.

Staff will be testing at the TestNebraska site across the street. We value having access to TestNebraska as we receive our results much faster than any area lab.

Rooms 201-207 and 225-231 will remain in the GREEN ZONE.

DG 1:

DG 1 continues to have 2 residents awaiting test results as a precautionary measure. Several of our residents in the GRAY ZONE who are transitioning into the facility from local hospitals in addition to others who have already met their 14 day self-quarantine period are now in the GREEN ZONE. We continue to ask that all residents from DG 2 and DG 3 DO NOT enter DG 1 at this time.

As you have probably noted, our community and health district have had an increase in COVID-19 infections and an increased infection rate (around 9%). We will continue to monitor this as it impacts our decision-making on future reopening plans. 

All residents must continue with masking and hand hygiene! We continue to screen and monitor all residents and staff with extreme caution to ensure compliance. Staff continue to wear full PPE in yellow, gray and red zones. Staff wear N95 masks and face protection at all times and will continue with these measures as long as we have red, yellow, gray and green zones in the facility. 

Again, this information changes rapidly and we are constantly shifting to accommodate it, so we appreciate your patience as we navigate through this. We will reevaluate and adjust should our next round of testing identify any positive results.

Our guidance is received from ICAP, the state and our Three Rivers Health Department, and we continue to follow it as strictly as we possibly can. We are happy to answer any questions you may have by contacting us at (402) 727-3795.

Once again, we appreciate your ongoing support and patience as we continue to navigate through this process toward reopening!

Jayma Brown, BSN, MSHA
Director of Nursing, Dunklau Gardens

Rachel Reiman, PT, MSHA, LNA
Administrator, Dunklau Gardens

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